Financial Services

In Our Ever-Evolving World, Private sector companies need more proper and knowledge-based informations in order to make managerial decisions exclusively about strategical capital and cooperative finance&funding area.  And yet, Taban Gida provides proffesional services for such companies by working with reliable partners n the international arena.

Consultancy Service of Import/Export

Import And Export is a wide and complicated progresses for each companies. For example; consider a company which is newly start to export business. Firstly, they must search for potential  market opportunities, then register the goods, launch some  introduction activities, attend to related fairs. These all could possibly be out of the speciality area of the company. At this stage, they need proffesional consultancy to cope with such proffesional organization. Over and above, most of these activities areleads to government promotion in some part. In order to procced with, the company must practice and detail all these stages as a separate projects. Meantime, we take a part and provide you the adequate excellent services.