Fikret Birtemel

Temel Un

Frankly, we have carried out  our trade operations in many kind of trading zones by using different companies and providers. Among them, Taban Gıda is the company which is utmost result-oriented, punctual on deadlines and crucially that they are standing next to us on every circumstances whatever they are negative or positive. We have found them very very trustworthy. Thanks indeed at all.

Derya Brossio

B&R Dış Ticaret

We are in business with Taban Gıda just for 2 months. Ever before, we had many different providers for years and years…Nowadays, Taban Gida has become a complete part of our family. It is also a great pleassure for us to live, experience and practice businesses with all proffessional  Taban Gıda family such working together with their owner, general manager and sales team as well..

Kenan Şekeroğlu

Şekerciler Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş.

Together with their experienced and honest management team, Taban Gida is always standing with us in every stage of our businesses. I believe that Taban Gida is always one step ahead of other several importers by their communicative and result-oriented attitudes. Firstly let me thank to the managers of Taban Gida, then I thank to the whole family of Taban by wishing their continued successes in business life.